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Lucas Gidelski

🏆 Our 2023 Champion!

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As someone who has battled cancer first-hand, I know the challenges that it brings. Champions for Cures is a local organization with a track record of helping many in the same fight. I wanted to partner with Champions for Cures so that we can reach more families and battle cancer together

Our 2023 Champion!

Lucas, a young athlete and quarterback, was diagnosed with T cell lymphoblastic lymphoma on October 29, 2022, after experiencing symptoms like swollen neck, fatigue, and breathing difficulties. His diagnosis and treatment journey included hospitalizations, chemotherapy, steroids, and physical therapy, with challenges such as a fungal lung infection, pulmonary embolism, hair loss, and adverse reactions to treatment. Despite setbacks like COVID-19, cellulitis, and fluctuating weight, Lucas persevered with support from his family and community, who provided meals, assistance, and fundraising for medical bills. The family remains hopeful for Lucas’s recovery and return to sports, as they navigate the emotional and logistical complexities of his health journey.

After his diagnosis with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma, Lucas underwent intensive treatment that included chemotherapy and steroids. However, he faced several complications, including severe swelling from steroids that led to loss of mobility, a fungal infection in his lungs, a pulmonary embolism, and hallucinations from medication. Despite the good news that his cancer was gone, Lucas had to spend 32 days in the hospital, including Christmas, to address these issues. He also had to cope with hair loss, which was emotionally challenging for him and his family. Lucas then moved to Shirley Ryan for inpatient physical therapy, where he made significant progress, but his mental state suffered from the extended hospital stay. The family decided to take him home after 40 days, where he continued outpatient physical therapy.

Lucas experienced additional challenges, including adverse reactions to a treatment that required the use of an epipen and necessitated a change in medication. He also dealt with high calcium levels, high blood pressure, kidney issues, COVID-19, and cellulitis. Despite his weight dropping significantly, Lucas has shown improvement with medication and is gaining weight again.

Throughout this journey, Lucas’s family has faced stress and challenges, including supporting Lucas’s younger sibling, who is struggling to adjust. However, the family has received incredible support from their community, including meals, assistance with daily tasks, and fundraising for medical bills. Although the journey has been difficult, the family remains optimistic about Lucas’s future and looks forward to the day he completes treatment and can return to sports and a sense of normalcy.

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Each year the proceeds raised by Champions for Cures are designated by our annually elected “Champion” to be used in support of families fighting cancer and research for cures with approval from the Champions for Cures Board. We earmark 50% of the net proceeds to go towards cancer research and funding clinical trials for treatments that the elected Champion received or is still receiving. Check out our latest delivery to in this video. 

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Jeremy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2019. In typical fashion, he stepped up to the plate, seeking treatment in Austin and Seattle. In April 2020, he received a bone marrow transplant and had been cancer-free for about 18 months. Unfortunately, he relapsed in September 2021 and died just a few months later on December 22, 2021, leaving behind his wife Felicia and their 4 year old son, Leo. He had a huge impact on so many people in his short 42-year life. Jeremy was someone who was always willing to share his happiness and love with the rest of the world. He was a Marine veteran, a father, a husband, a son, and his mother’s only child, and he was always a joy to be around. In every situation, he gave more than he received.
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