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Lucas Gidelski

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Each year the proceeds raised by the organization are designated by our annually elected “Champion” to be used in support of families fighting cancer and research for cures with approval from the Champions for Cures Board. The organization has raised $558k+ in the fight against cancer through our first ten years.

Lucas Gidelski's Story

Lucas, a young athlete and quarterback, was diagnosed with T cell lymphoblastic lymphoma on October 29, 2022, after experiencing symptoms like swollen neck, fatigue, and breathing difficulties. His diagnosis and treatment journey included hospitalizations, chemotherapy, steroids, and physical therapy, with challenges such as a fungal lung infection, pulmonary embolism, hair loss, and adverse reactions to treatment.

Despite setbacks like COVID-19, cellulitis, and fluctuating weight, Lucas persevered with support from his family and community, who provided meals, assistance, and fundraising for medical bills. The family remains hopeful for Lucas’s recovery and return to sports, as they navigate the emotional and logistical complexities of his health journey.

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