Nominate a Champion


We’re Looking For Our 2024 Champion

Each year, our Board of Directors selects a “Champion” to represent our organization for the upcoming year. That person must personify all of the core values of the Champions For Cures organization, as outlined above. Our “Champion” is also given the opportunity to donate the majority of the yearly net proceeds to an organization of their choice, pending board approval. Finally, that “Champion” will be publicly recognized at our Birdies For Cures event each fall.

Champions For Cures Nomination Form

Thank you for electing to nominate someone for our 2024 Champion For Cures Champion position. All nomination forms must be submitted by August 15, 2024 for consideration. Our Board of Directors will evaluate each nominee and make its final selection by September 1st. At that point, the nominating person of the selected Champion will be contacted. Formal and public announcement of our 2024 Champion will be made out our Birdies For Cures event on September 9th.


Our Board of Directors reserves the right to contact you for more information during the selection process. Should you be unable to provide the further needed information, your nominee may be not be considered for our 2024 Champion position.