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Champions for Cures Co-Founders – Kort McCulley and Eric Kingdon

It all started when…

It Began with a Simple Vision: Golf and Giving Back.

Champions for Cures was originally named Birdies for Cures, the namesake of our largest fundraising golf event. The charity was inspired by combining our love of golf with the desire to give back to our community. Early on, we had some good times and raised some decent money in the process. By opening the conversation, we discovered just how many of our members and supporters were fighting cancer, right in our own backyard. We came to understand it takes a tribe to battle cancer and we wanted to do more to support those braving the fight, themselves or alongside people they loved. The community responded, and every year, our attendance – and fundraising – has grown significantly.

Our efforts evolved as we came to understand the deep support needed to battle cancer. Not just for patients, but for caregivers as well. Our growth, and the response of the community inspired us to incorporate a bigger vision and we became Champions for Cures with the mission of becoming among the most respected and recognized local charities in the Chicago area; with the goal of raising more than $1 million dollars in the fight against cancer.

Each year the proceeds raised by the organization are designated by our annually elected “Champion” to be used in support of families fighting cancer and research for cures with approval from the Champions for Cures Board.